Study: Health IT incentives underwhelming in P4P programs
In a recent survey conducted by Health Industry Insights, an IDC company, results reveal a major disconnect between healthcare payers' pay for performance (P4P) program objectives and provider incentives and technology investment. According to the findings, the majority of survey respondents (70 percent), who represent 57 U.S. health plans with P4P programs in production or pilot, say they have a P4P program that actively promotes physician technology adoption to improve healthcare quality, safety and outcomes.

However, despite this, the survey showed that only 33 percent of respondents actually use physician technology adoption as a P4P incentive. Additionally, less than 37 percent report active investment or support of the programs.

"Payers' investment and focus on physician technology adoption, in such areas as electronic medical records, e-prescribing and electronic access to clinical guidelines, is at the heart of overall healthcare performance improvement," said Janice W. Young, program director of Payer IT Strategies at research and advisory firm, Health Industry Insights. "We're seeing inconsistent messages, promotions, investment and strategies regarding importance of physician technology adoption, and, if not addressed, this looming provider disconnect will surely limit the effectiveness of U.S. P4P initiatives."