Study: Malpractice mitigation a driver in EMR adoption
A recent joint survey by Medical Records Institute of Boston and Professional Risk Associates of Midlothian, Va., found that nearly half of the physician practices that have adopted electronic medical record (EMR) systems believe that the technology will make them less vulnerable to malpractice cases. Respondents from 115 practices in 27 specialties representing 36 states completed the Internet-based survey conducted from March 21 to June 30 this year.

Nearly 20 percent of respondents stated their malpractice insurer offers a discount for having an EMR system, and close to half (45 percent) believe EMRs will make them less vulnerable to malpractice cases, according to the survey. Among the almost one-fifth of those who have had a malpractice case in which documentation was based on the EMR, over half (55 percent) said the EMR was helpful, the study authors reported.

According to C. Peter Waegemann, CEO of Medical Records Institute, the survey demonstrates the need to address EMR system usage, training and legality.