SunPoint debuts Universal Medical Imager Digital Viewbox
SunPoint Systems introduced at HIMSS07 the Universal Medical Imager (UMI), a high-resolution computerized viewbox for the review of DICOM images from spinning media, WiFi connectivity and hard copy films independent of a PACS or PC environment. With a large high-resolution screen and lower price than most diagnostic-quality displays, the UMI provides productivity-driven image display with an enhanced level of security, the company said.

The UMI is suited for non-diagnostic viewing of digital images that patients bring to referring physicians as well as for patient and physician discussion. The device is especially suited for the emergency room (ER), operating room (OR) and patient bedside. It also has a niche in referring physician private practices, which typically are not equipped with a PACS.

The UMI bypasses the complexity of PC image viewing with specialized, dedicated software, easy-to-use GUI and touch screen navigation. The device eliminates the need to launch an operating system or viewing application and supports sophisticated image manipulation like rotate, flip, magnify.  Though it does not operate as part of the hospital network, it can access information from a PACS, RIS, EMR or other healthcare application through WiFi connectivity.

Additionally, with the UMI, doctors are freed from their personal workstations and can share images with their patients throughout the enterprise. The device also supports HIPAA regulations for security of patient information that may be accessible through network devices. 

The UMI has a 24 inch display with 1920 x 1200 resolution and supports viewing and manipulation of images from x-ray and CT to MRI and PET. The built-in white-light screen also enables display of hard-copy films. Extendable screen support allows for supplemental UMI viewboxes to be grouped together to form an image viewing ban, the company said.