Suracell selects BioServe for genetic health, IT businesses
Suracell Inc. has chosen BioServe, a leading provider of genetic testing services, as its exclusive DNA testing partner. Suracell has developed a proprietary and fully integrated information technology platform to identify genetic markers related to a number of biological processes that have been shown to be associated with healthy aging.

BioServe is the first company providing DNA testing services to utilize Suracell’s proprietary “genetic testing web portal.” This portal provides a single point of access for physicians and healthcare centers, allowing them to use the internet to order genetic testing services for patients from participating laboratory service providers, as well as allowing for secure online delivery of test results in a format of their choosing. It also provides composite results based on input from multiple tests and other relevant data.

“Suracell’s ‘personal genetic health’ program and its proprietary information technology platform are exciting breakthroughs in both the field of personal genetic health and genetic testing,” said Bernie Landes, Suracell chairman and CEO. “Through this partnership we will leverage BioServe’s comprehensive genetic and molecular testing services and expertise to help Suracell clients better understand how their genetic inheritance relates to their health and well being throughout the aging process. In addition, BioServe’s commitment to taking a leadership role in genetic testing makes them a perfect partner for Suracell’s proprietary information technology platform.”

Terms of the deal were not disclosed and discussions are ongoing to develop a more comprehensive partnership between the two companies.