Suros Celero unveils new biopsy tool for breast ultrasound
Hologic subsidiary Suros Surgical Systems launched the Suros Celero, its FDA-cleared spring loaded, vacuum assisted core biopsy device for the breast ultrasound market. With the option of firing inside or outside the breast, the device is designed to access hard-to-reach lesions in the axilla, near the chest wall, near implants or behind the nipple.

The lightweight, handheld Celero includes a highly echogenic needle designed to provide smooth penetration to lesions while reducing deflection and offer a clearly visible aperture location for target verification under ultrasound imaging prior to tissue acquisition. Celero securely holds the tissue sample in place while acquiring large cores.

“Early Celero clinical findings show that only two to three samples are needed for a diagnosis and DCIS [ductal carcinoma in situ] staging with only two samples,” said Paige Huber, MD, a radiologist with AnMed Health, a healthcare provider in Anderson, S.C. “While many physicians are accustomed to six-10 needle insertions for spring loaded core biopsies, Celero needs only two-three insertions to gain the same results.

One benefit to firing and collecting tissue in two separate steps is that it allows for confirmation. “I can place and confirm the aperture is where desired before firing the outer cannula and taking the sample,” Huber said. “When we think about what this could mean to patients, the Suros Celero device is a very exciting emergence to the breast biopsy market. This is a good thing for women.”