Swissray International
Swissray’s DRive Kit
Swissray International (Booth 1809) is presenting a comprehensive package for pediatric radiography. Swissray has closely worked with the world’s most renowned children’s hospitals to develop its new Pediatric Imaging Package. It is designed for radiation dose reduction, fast system positioning and off-center imaging as well as patient position monitoring with a built-in video camera. With the exclusive backlit design of the front cover of the system, the ambience in the radiographic room can be enhanced with popular children cartoons, thus creating a positive experience for young patients.

The company also is introducing its lightweight portable DR detector—the ddRPortable detector. Adding this portable panel to Swissray’s DR system provides the advantages of a dual-detector room combined with maximum flexibility. With 3.5 lp/mm spatial resolution, this lightweight detector delivers outstanding diagnostic image quality. Swissray says it is far more efficient than CR technology, especially in an emergency room environment and for patients on stretchers and in wheelchairs. With its active image area of 14x17-inch (35 cm x 43 cm), it is large enough for chest and abdominal x-rays. In addition, Swissray also is unveiling its conventional-to-digital conversion package, the Swissray DRive Kit, a flat-panel detector combined with SwissVision digital radiography software.