Swissray unveils new DR system
Swissray International introduced its newest DR system, the ddRCompact, offering state-of-the-art technology at the most competitive pricing in its segment. The system incorporates the new digital High Definition Silicon Solid State detector with Micro Lens Technology, delivering outstanding spatial resolution at low radiation dose. It utilizes special Anti-Blooming technology as well as ITO processed coding for exceptional image quality. With an active detector area of over 17 inches, the system satisfies all large-field imaging requirements. The ddRCompact performs all DR applications on recumbent, standing and sitting patients including off-detector and off-center applications. All system movements are fully motorized and remote controlled for total user friendliness.

“Swissray now offers the widest range of DR systems in the market with eight different models in our product portfolio and a choice between best of breed detector technologies,” says Ueli Laupper, senior vice president of sales. “Our systems combine superior image quality, low patient radiation dose and the fastest, most convenient patient positioning resulting in the best DR value on the market.”

Swissray also exhibited its APS (Automated Positioning System) designed to streamline radiography workflow by automating all positioning and image acquisition requirements. Patient data can be transferred directly from the RIS/HIS via DICOM worklist. With its remote control and memory function, the system can be moved quickly and precisely into the desired application. Seconds after exposure, a fully diagnostic image appears on Swissray’s SwissVision workstation for review, storage, and follow-up.

Swissray also showcased its ALLinONE-Stand for DR orthopedic applications. With the patient standing on the platform, the stand facilitates the performance of special DR applications such as scoliosis and long leg studies as well as weight-bearing examinations. The ALLinONE-Stand revolutionizes the way patient data is being collected. Data such as: weight, height, etc. are automatically transmitted by wireless connection to the ddR system. The patient’s body mass index is calculated and an optimized imaging technique is programmed. Additionally, the Swissray DR systems will be performing full body imaging with its new «AutoStitching» function.

Swissray focuses on leading customer service with a guarantee of 99 percent uptime.