Swissray's new DR systems gain clearance by FDA
Swissray International has announced that its new direct digital radiographic system ddRFormula has been granted FDA 510(K) marketing clearance. The company will now be offering customers a choice between amorphous silicon flat panel, like its competitors, and their patented Quad CCD detector technologies, Swissray said.

The ddRFormula features a C-arm design with a compact design incorporating Swissray's patent pending FP-5000 detector. Utilizing Trixell's 17"x 17" amorphous silicon TFT flat panel, Swissray has engineered a panel protection system which features infrared collision avoidance coupled with a pro-active shock absorption system for maximum detector protection. The FP 5000 detector is designed to deliver high diagnostic image quality with very low radiation dose and very high detail detect-ability, the company said.

In other developments, Swissray's ddRCombi family, which has been designed for emergency rooms, will now be featuring the FP-5000 flat-panel detector. All eight Swissray systems feature the unique APS - Automated Positioning System. Swissray's unique APS streamlines the radiography workflow by incorporating many features such as advanced robotics and information technology. Swissray also provides real-time monitoring and a 99 percent uptime guarantee.
Additionally, Swissray has introduced the unique ALLinONE-Stand for all its ddR systems. This stand allows for advanced DR applications such as scoliosis and long leg studies as well as weight bearing examinations. Data such as weight and height are automatically transmitted by wireless connection to the ddR system. The patient's body mass index is calculated and an optimized imaging technique is programmed. Also, the Swissray DR systems are able to perform full body imaging with its new AutoStitching function.