Sybermedica scores PACSMail install at London hospital
The Princess Grace Hospital has set up a link between its imaging center and the PACSMail network from Sybermedica, allowing referring clinicians to receive online copies of images and reports.

The London-based hospital said that plans are also in hand to use the link to allow scans to be sent for remote reporting.

"PACSMail allows us to create secure imaging links to a wide network of referring clinicians, notably to those in sports and exercise medicine. In addition to providing clients with rapid access to images and reports, PACSMail eliminates the costs and administrative overhead of sending images by CD and also provides the referring site with a safe and low-cost means of storing and viewing diagnostic images," said Sue Smith, CEO of Princess Grace.

PACSMail is a pay-per-use service that provides secure transmission of diagnostic images and associated reports between healthcare professionals. The system is designed to integrate with PACS, and applications include on-call reporting, tertiary referrals, sports medicine and orthopedics.