Syntermed highlights new products, agreements at SNM
Syntermed, a nuclear medicine imaging and informatics software company, released three new clinical diagnostic applications for neurologists and cardiologists benefiting individuals with dementia, temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) and heart failure at the Society for Nuclear Medicine (SNM) annual meeting in New Orleans.

The NeuroQ 3.0 upgrade analyzes PET brain scans to improve diagnosis of all types of dementia and track the progression of the disease. EQuAL, a new application with NeuroQ, helps determine before surgery, the likelihood a patient will be seizure-free following surgery for TLE.  SyncTool, the newest diagnostic tool in the Emory Cardiac Toolbox, analyzes the benefits of cardiac resynchronization therapy in heart failure patients, according to the company.
Syntermed also announced three key licensing and distribution agreements during the show.

The company reported that Cardinal Health will continue its exclusive distribution rights of NeuroQ within the radiopharmaceutical industry, and its customers will be able to upgrade to NeuroQ 3.0. Phillips Medical Systems will also continue its distribution of NeuroQ 3.0 version in their next release of EBW PET workstation. GE Healthcare will expand its current distribution of the Emory Cardiac Toolbox on its Xeleris Workstations to include SyncTool.