TDK Electronic shows DICOM tool
At SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., June 7-10, TDK Medica exhibited its DICOM Media Creators, innovative all-in-one medical DVD/CD recording solutions. At the center was the DMC-2000 DICOM Media Creator, which enables on-demand recording of patient studies to CD or DVD. It features a custom robotic system with a CD recorder and thermal disc printer. TDK’s BluePrint Medical Software features a web-based interface that’s accessible from any PC on the DICO network. From nearly any computer in a medical facility, patient studies can be pushed to the DMC-2000 and recorded either instantly or at a scheduled time. DMC-2000 provides an exchange and archive database that logs all CDs and DVDs created, improving HIPAA implementation. The newest version has additional scheduling capabilities, improved media creator times and improved DICOM transfer times.