Technologist charged with patient credit card theft
A radiologic technologist in Lee County, Fla., was arrested this week and charged with stealing his patients' credit cards while they were undergoing exams.

Noel Robertson has been charged with eight felonies related to the thefts, including grand theft from a person over the age of 65; fraudulent use of a credit card; forgery; fraudulent use of personal information; and felony larceny, according to NBC2 News.

Detective Kevin Watkins obtained a surveillance video that showed a man in blue medical scrubs using Thomas Williams' stolen credit card at a local Wal-Mart store. The man also was wearing a radiology meter, reported NBC2 News.

Watkins contacted local radiology centers, incuding Radiology Regional in Fort Myers, Fla. He recognized that the staff at Radiology Regional wore the same scrubs as had the man in the video.  When he asked the staff who attended to William and another victim, William Kinney, he was told it had been Robertson.

Williams was examined at the Radiology Regional facility on March 10. In total, 13 fraudulent charges appeared on his credit card, beginning the next day and lasting for over a week. Total charges on the card amounted to $1,851.41, NBC2 News reported.

Likewise, Kinney underwent a CT scan at Radiology Regional on April 6. The next day, the card was used twice--once at an office supply store and once at a convenience store--for total charges of $1,012.23, Sun Trust Bank told NBC2 News. Neither of the stores had surveillance cameras.

Watkins said that when he met Robertson, he realized Robertson matched the suspect seen in the Wal Mart surveillance video.