A Technologist's Look at CR and DR

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Regina O. Redfern, RT (R) of the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center presented on Thursday a session on Working with CR and DR: A Technologist's Perspective.

Redfern provided attendees with a summary of a study she helped coordinate which included 18 technologists, generally with 18 of more years of experience working with multiple modalities. The study focused on the technologist's view of CR and DR. The general conclusion was that DR provides an overall quality control improvement as compared to CR, Redfern said.

The other primary benefits of DR, according to the study, were increased productivity, less job fatigue on the part of the technologist, instant QC, and an overall increase in job satisfaction. From a patient care perspective, there were also notable benefits of DR, such as access to data at the point-of-care and reduced patient waiting, Redfern said.