TEPR calls for 2006 conference topic submissions

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For the first time, TEPR has put out a call for topics for the 2006 conference, May 20-24, 2006 in Baltimore. The Medical Records Institute's TEPR will have up to 17 parallel tracks over three main conference days. The organizers are particularly interested in topics evaluating technology and organizational solutions in the acute care, ambulatory care, long-term, or home healthcare settings.  

The deadline for submission is September 9, 2005. Submit the following information to Laura Waters at laura@tepr.com:
  1. The name, title and company/organization of the person submitting the topic.
  2. The proposed topic with a 30-word description of its relevance and value to the TEPR audience.
  3. Indicate whether you are proposing to chair or present a session around the topic. (Note: Proposals from vendors must avoid sales pitch or product presentations, and preferably identify a client as chair or presenter.)
  4. The phone number and email address of the contact person to respond to.