TeraMedica connects departmental silos
TeraMedica introduced its new Evercore - Univision Enterprise Image Viewer at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

The Evercore Univision module is the first non-proprietary distribution of DICOM images and other objects in a standard format that can be accessed using HTML, XML, and using HTTP protocols, according to the company.

Evercore Univision normalizes all DICOM data into a single non-proprietary JPEG format. Using a standard web browser technology, all studies from all departments are available to each authorized user. In addition to standard digital images and reports, users can optionally access non-DICOM clinical content that has been attached to the patient record or the patient’s study. Users can view PDF files, video files, JPEG, and TIFF images as well as listen to sound files or access any other stored clinical data.

The company also showcased its flagship product, Evercore Smartstore module, a Java-based engine that allows users to create storage policies that govern the most appropriate format (compression), location (storage media), and retention period for particular studies. Clinical departments retain control over the data, while IT manages the infrastructure. It creates a vendor-independent means to bring together silos of clinical content under one institutional infrastructure, according to TeraMedica.