TeraMedica Healthcare Technology
TeraMedica Healthcare Technology (Booth 1248) is launching its Evercore-Clinical Enterprise Suite Version 5.0, Smartstore-Ultrastream and Univision-Imageport products.

A redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) features web-based functions, such as drag-and-drop, right-click context menus, configurable screens and redesigned graphics. Along with the visual changes, Evercore 5.0 provides new system monitoring tools. The enhanced System Monitoring and Health Status Reporting tools will provide ability for the system to monitor its health, performance and status. Status reporting can include status alerts, Simple Network Management Protocol traps and emails.

The Smartstore-Ultrastream enhanced storage optimization protocol featuring a study containerization process allows the hospital network to provide storage and routing across local, wide area and GRID networks. Smartstore-Ultrastream builds on the patent-pending technology resident within the Smartstore module further optimizing and turbo-charging image management capabilities.

Univision - Imageport enhances the standard enterprise content viewer by allowing the user to access all underlying PACS viewers through a single interface. Users access the Univision viewer and with one click enable the fully featured, clinical diagnostic viewer, which means the clinician can gain access to the diagnostic study. In addition, clinicians can access and view all stored, digital clinical data: PDF files, video files, JPEG and TIFF images, as well as listen to sound files.