TeraMedica launches its VisLite information manager
Milwaukee-based medical informatics company TeraMedica announced the launch of its new Evercore - VisLite Information Manager. The system is part of the company’s effort to address interoperability challenges in the Visible Light arena.
“VisLite integrates and manages ophthalmology, surgery, endoscopy, pathology, microscopy and many other areas,” said Jim Prekop, CEO and president. "Evercore - VisLite Information Manager integrates and manages all visible light modalities, into a single cohesive infrastructure.”
The information manager then serves the visible light dataset to a facility’s electronic medical record (EMR) or RHIO/electronic health record (EHR). “The integrated clinical focus includes connectivity of visible light data sets with traditional medical images and MPEG2, JPEG, BMP files, in a patient centric context. The aggregated device information is gathered seamlessly from systems such as the fyreLINK VL Image Capture system,” added Prekop.
Evercore - VisLite Information Manager also uses open standards in managing and storing digital information and makes the visible light data available at the point of patient care across the health care enterprise in multiple formats and at multiple service levels. “Evercore can literally disappear into a facility's infrastructure, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care instead of on information retrieval,” said Prekop.