TeraMedica system helps facilities centralize data, reduce complexity
At HIMSS07, TeraMedica discussed its vendor neutral middleware that is able to take patient data from virtually any source, “normalize it”, and send it to any system destination a facility so chooses, whether that be an electronic health record or a PACS workstation.

The company’s software, which can be applied to patient centric data for any specialty, can help a facility to:
  • Centralize 85 percent of its clinical data;
  • Drastically reduce system interface complexity; and
  • Manage files of nearly any variety, including images, text documents, audio, and video.
The latest example of the versatility of TeraMedica’s system is its recently announced partnership with Meriter Hospital to install its Evercore Clinical Information Manager. As part of the deal, Evercore was to integrate all of Meriter's clinical objects including medical and non-medical images and distribute them in a lightweight format within an Epic Systems electronic medical record. Epic would then make the images available to attending healthcare professionals via web accessible devices.

“We needed to deliver a lightweight image set to all desktops across the enterprise, within the context of our resident EMR," said Peter Strombom, Meriter CIO. "The Evercore product allows us to quickly identify and retrieve all patient-centric images independent of modality, PACS or physical site. That delivers priceless operational efficiencies to our organization. In addition, our primary care physicians, nurses and specialists can improve patient care by rapidly identifying all images on a patient throughout the network, while inside the electronic medical record," he added.

Jim Prekop, TeraMedica CEO, echoed Strombom, adding that, "The healthcare IT world faces significant data integration challenges and Evercore's ability to efficiently coalesce clinical objects in a central clinical content manager while also satisfy the medical team's need for a holistic view of patient data in real time…"