TeraRecon shows Aquarius cardiac apps
TeraRecon showcased the broad cardiology applications that are part of its Aquarius is an advanced radiology workstation at this week’s American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2006 in Chicago. Aquarius allows for real-time diagnostic review of 2D, 3D, and 4D images for large slice CT and MR. The workstation is designed to manage volumetric datasets acquired from modern multi-slice CT and MR scanners. In addition, it offers a comprehensive suite of clinical application modules. The company also featured its AquariusNET Server that provides interactive 3D to radiologists and clinicians from any location. AquariusNET operates as a 3D enterprise server/thin-client system for integrating advanced processing tools efficiently into the clinical workflow. It can operate within an existing PACS, or be an in-between step prior to purchasing PACS.

Specific to the cardiology, Aquarius offers the following functionality:
  • Coronary CTA;
  • 4D cardiac CTA and MRA;
  • Time-volume analysis;
  • Coronary calcium scoring;
  • Single-click stenosis calculation;
  • Functional analysis from multi-phase studies;
  • Endovascular visualization and one-click vascular analysis tools; and
  • Calcium scoring and pulmonary vein characterization