Terason launches Terason t3000 ultrasound
Terason launched its Terason t3000 ultrasound system at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. The Terason t3000 is based upon proprietary Teratech Architecture, which combines the front-end fusion processor with PC-based back-end data processing. The t3000 system runs as a Windows application on a standard laptop computer, and its design allows it to be instantly converted from a portable unit to a cart-based system, the company said.

“Exceptional image quality was our design team’s highest priority,” said Alice Chiang, PhD, president and CEO, “and the 256-channel Fusion Processor that resulted from their efforts truly delivers the results we set out to achieve.”

Unlike ‘custom ASIC’ solutions that rely on modified off-the-shelf components, the Fusion Processor is a custom-designed, integrated ultrasound chip set. It enables unprecedented ultrasound image processing power in a small system, the company said.