Terason unveils new portable ultrasound scanner
Terason, an ultrasound microsystem technology company, has released Impact 2008, a laptop ultrasound system with a Windows-based architecture.

The Burlington, Mass.-based company said its Impact 2008 has improved image quality through proprietary new algorithms, lateral resolution, advanced harmonic imaging (AHI) and OmniVision. The increase in lateral resolution is achieved without decreasing the frame rate.

OmniVision features electronic beam steering for acquiring several scans from different viewing angles, according to the company. OmniVision reduces speckle, shadowing, clutter and other acoustic artifacts. New grayscale maps provide clinicians with grayscale imaging, as well as more choices in image displays. Terason’s AHI algorithm is further optimized for the 5C2 and 4V2 transducers.

Terason said Impact 2008 expands its cardiac and vascular measurements and reporting to other general imaging applications such as phlebology, vascular access and OB/GYN.

The company said that Impact 2008 is currently shipping on all new Terason t3000 ultrasound systems.