Textronics gets FDA-approval for textile-based electrode
Textronics, a company that manufactures wearable sensors, has received FDA clearance to market its textile-based ECG Electrode for use in general electrocardiograph monitoring and recording procedures.

The company said its heart-sensing fabric offers an alternative to adhesive electrodes and metal wristbands that are commonly used with most ECG instruments on the market.

"We're offering the medical community a more comfortable and less cumbersome solution that can improve patient compliance by eliminating skin irritation and other discomforts that are commonly experienced during ECG monitoring, especially in extended wear applications," said Textronics CEO Stacey Burr.

Textronics said its patented technology knits conductive sensing fibers directly into machine-washable stretchy fabrics that can monitor physiological conditions comfortably and accurately.

The sensors can be used for a range of ECG monitoring and recording applications, including cardiac event recorders, stress testing, Holter monitoring, trans-telephonic pacemaker monitors, and respiration sensing devices, the Wilmington-Del.-based company said.