Thales introduces new digital detectors
At RSNA 2006, Thales unveiled two new digital detectors currently under development: a large-format digital flat-panel detector for RF tables, and the first wireless portable digital flat-panel detector. The detectors are designed and developed by subsidiary Trixell, while Thales makes the image processing units.

The Pixium RF 4343, the first all-digital large-format RF solution, is designed for RF tables, replacing conventional film and CR. The RF 4343 is the first detector capable of generating very-high-quality images in real time for 17” x 17” and of handling all RF exams. Its radiography mode allows for image acquisition in one second, the dynamic, low-dose mode is for positioning prior to clinical exam, and fluoroscopy mode offers up to 30 images/second for gastroenterological, gastrointestinal, urological and similar exams.

The Pixium PORTABLE 3543, which will be the world’s first wireless digital detector, is designed for all types of x-ray exams, especially those performed in emergency and intensive care settings. It is a light, compact flat-panel detector measuring 14” x 17” and operates via a WiFi wireless connection. It slots into a docking station that connects with the system and recharges the battery. With built-in image pre-processing software, it generates very-high-resolution images (7.2 million pixels), with 16-bit dynamics.