Thinking Systems bringing PACS to oncology
Thinking Systems sees a gap between typical radiation oncology and the powerful capabilities offered by PACS. With an eye on bridging this gap, the company brought some of its PACS and versatile workstation products to last week's American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) annual meeting in Denver, Colo.

Radiation oncology is very focused on treatment and planning, said Xiaoyi Wang, president and co-chairman, Thinking Systems, it is behind in the area of image management.

The company's future focus is on developing a single application for oncology information and images, said Wang.

Thinking Systems showcased its MDStation which is able to manipulate PET/CT fusion images and can generate 3D volume images which can be sent to any oncology planning system.

A number of other applications were on display which Thinking Systems hopes will give oncologists the same powerful tools that general radiology is benefiting from. These included:
  • ThinkingReg - A co-registration software application capable of fusing images from an assortment of modalities such as MR/CT, PET/CT, or really any combination; and

  • ThinkingWeb - For accessing images online instead of relying on film and allows for real-time consultation.