Third Brigade demonstrates EHR security applications
Third Brigade, a security software company that specializes in host intrusion prevention systems, demonstrated Deep Security 5, the newest release of its product, at HIMSS07. Because healthcare organizations are increasing their reliance on critical EHR, e-health and enterprise systems that are accessible via the Internet, it is becoming more challenging and important to protect the availability and integrity of these systems, and the confidentiality of sensitive patient and medical data.

Third Brigade Deep Security brings network security approaches, including firewall and intrusion detection and prevention, down to individual computers and devices. It shields vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux and Unix operating systems, as well as enterprise and web applications common to healthcare providers.

“Host intrusion prevention is recognized as a security best-practice and complements the defense-in-depth strategy used by leading healthcare providers and EHR vendors,” said Brian O’Higgins, CTO of Third Brigade. “Third Brigade’s host intrusion prevention system further reduces the risk of a security incident by inspecting all incoming and outgoing traffic for protocol deviations, content that signals an attack, or policy violations."