Toshiba America Medical Systems
Toshiba America Medical Systems (8001) is demonstrating an array of technologies within three separate modalities.

For ultrasound, Toshiba is introducing the Aplio Artida ultrasound system with real-time multi-planar reformatting capabilities, that physicians can quantify global and regional LV function, including LV ejection fraction.

For x-ray, Toshiba is introducing Advanced Image Processing technology for its Infinix x-ray product line. The technologies include programmable image display; reduced background noise for fluoroscopic and digital acquisition imaging; improved device and vessel visualization; improved resolution in dark areas; and improved dynamic range.

For MRI, Toshiba is previewing images from the Vantage Titan MR system and is introducing a fourth generation contrast-free imaging technique, Time and Space Angiography.

For CT, the company is introducing new software that automatically reduces radiation dose during CT exams. Unlike other step and shoot methods, SURECardio Prospective reduces breath holds for better patient compliance while reducing radiation dose as much as 80 percent with no increase in contrast, according to Toshiba. The company will also highlight the ability of the Aquilion One to depict in 3D an organ’s blood flow and function.