Toshiba celebrates 600th 64-slice CT scanner

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Toshiba Medical Systems Corp. said this week it has produced its 600th Aquilion 64-row detector computed tomography system. The company has a total installed base of 17,000 CT systems in hospitals, imaging centers and medical group practices worldwide.

“Our Aquilion 64 is able to quickly deliver the high-quality images needed for complex exams and allows us to diagnose a wide range of diseases, such as  lung cancer and heart disease, much earlier than before, improving the overall health of our community,” said Peter S. Fail, MD, cardiologist, CIS. He added that a growing number of patients are becoming aware regarding advances in diagnostic imaging and physician demand for cutting edge imaging technologies. This circumstance has encouraged many healthcare facilities to acquire 64-slice CT systems in order to remain competitive by offering improved services for patients.

The Aquilion 64 features advanced multislice CT technologies and is built on Toshiba's 64-row Quantum detector, volumetric imaging capabilities and advanced software applications. The Aquilion is a true volumetric 64 CT system with 64 detector channels, 3-D cone beam algorithms and volume reconstruction. At the heart of the Aquilion 64- and Aquilion 32-slice systems is a multidetector design that produces high-speed, high-resolution imaging with the best low contrast resolution at the lowest dose. The Quantum detector enables the Aquilion CT scanner to acquire 64 simultaneous slices of 0.5 mm with each 400-millisecond gantry revolution, resulting in precise isotropic imaging of any region of the body in five to 10 seconds, the company said.