Toshiba deploys Artida for Oregon 4D ultrasound training program
The Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) has acquired the Toshiba Aplio Artida 4D ultrasound system to use in the first undergraduate program in the United States with courses in 4D ultrasound imaging.

Using Artida’s real-time, multi-planar reformatting capabilities, the company said that physicians can assess global and regional LV function, including volumetric LV ejection fraction. Arbitrary views of the heart are also obtained to help with surgical planning. The 2D/3D wall motion tracking features from Toshiba allow the user to obtain angle-independent, global and regional information about myocardial contraction.

OIT said it hopes these features will enable acquisition of additional data that could be of value in echo-guided cardiac resynchronization therapy and in stress echocardiography, according to Toshiba.