Toshiba highlights new breast imaging applications
Toshiba America Medical Systems unveiled MR Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Suite at the 94th Radiological Society of the North America (RSNA) in Chicago.

The new multi-channel Radiance Plus Breast Imaging Coil optimizes MR Mammography on Vantage Atlas and Vantage Titan MR systems.

Breast Imaging Suite is the latest technological advancement in improving image quality,” said Bob Giegerich, director of MR business unit at Toshiba. The bilateral, multi-element Radiance Plus Breast imaging coil provides high temporal and spatial resolution for analysis and lesion characterization and delivers a high signal-to-noise ratio. The systems have the ability to perform breast exams feet first, reducing patient discomfort and claustrophobia. Additionally, the patented Pianissimo technology reduces acoustic noise by up to 90 percent.

Toshiba also featured its recently developed MicroPure ultrasound technique to help physicians detect breast lesions and microcalcifications more clearly. MicroPure is less strenuous than mammography on the technician and patient, and it could help improve the quality of patient care.
The high-frequency, 18 MHz Dynamic Micro Slice transducer is designed to image superficial structures and identify lesions. The transducer offers precise focusing in all directions and a high versatility for a variety of clinical applications. It is compatible wit h Differential Tissue Harmonics and available on the Toshiba AplioTM XG Version 3.0 and above.