Toshiba to install 1st 256-slice CT at Johns Hopkins
Toshiba America Medical Systems today announced that it will install the first U.S. site beta 256-slice CT scanner at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and its Heart Institute in February 2007.  Johns Hopkins will test the beta system for its value in early assessment of critical radiology and cardiac CT protocols. The beta system will be at Hopkins for a limited time to acquire data to further clinical research and product development, Toshiba said.

The 256-slice works-in-progress CT is designed to acquire a large volume of data that can cover the brain or heart in a single rotation. The system’s volume acquisition provides more accurate images and lowers dose, resulting in more accurate, quicker diagnoses. Additionally, dynamic multiple phase studies such as perfusion of the brain, heart or other organs are possible.
“Toshiba has enjoyed a collaborative partnership and worked closely in the development of cardiac CTA [CT angiography] with Johns Hopkins,” said Doug Ryan, senior director of Toshiba’s CT Business Unit.  “The installation of the 256-slice beta system will be used by both radiology and cardiology and provides a tremendous opportunity to further medical imaging and research utilizing revolutionary CT technology.”