Toshiba introduces new vascular x-ray system, 3D workstation
Toshiba America Medical Systems announced the introduction of its Infinix VF-i/SP x-ray system, a universal cardiovascular system designed to accommodate diagnostic and interventional procedures. The system was showcased at the ACC (American College of Cardiology) 2007 annual meeting in New Orleans. 
Based on the Infinix-i series platform, the new floor-mounted, single-plane system features a multi-axis positioner with extremely versatile movement for unprecedented patient access and anatomical coverage, including head-to-toe, finger tip-to-finger tip coverage. These features allow clinicians to complete procedures more quickly and comfortably than traditional systems, reducing procedure times and improving workflow. In addition, a high-resolution 12”x16” flat panel detector provides the uniform, distortion-free images required for the full range of cardiovascular studies. 
Other system features include a programmable tableside dose control option that optimizes dose management and table weight capacity of 484 pounds, which allows clinicians to accommodate larger patients. The system also features a CV-3D workstation and a 3D coronary analysis package for accurate assessment.

Toshiba also unveiled the Virtual Explorer 3D Workstation - designed to analyze MR images of the heart. The workstation is a complete 3D, post-processing tool for MR analysis and display.  The design offers a full range of features that will enhance MR imaging capability and functionality. The workstation comes with both the hardware and software necessary for a complete post-processing package, Toshiba said.

Key software features include: viewer, 3D imaging, perfusion (brain), cardiac analysis (EF), coronary assessment and delayed enhancement.