Toshiba nets four Infinix installs at Atlanta provider
Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta has purchased four Infinix CF-i C-arm systems from Toshiba America Medical Systems. 

The four systems will have Toshiba's Advanced Image Processing (AIP) capabilities. Now available on the Infinix-i series systems, Toshiba said its AIP improves patient safety and diagnostic confidence.

The Infinix system with AIP technology, combined with the rotational digital acquisition feature provides a view of the heart in one acquisition, according to William Knapp, MD, interventional cardiologist at Piedmont Heart Institute of Piedmont Hospital. "Furthermore, the integrated live zoom feature during fluoroscopy and digital acquisition aids in more accurate device deployment."

Toshiba said its Infinix CF-i systems offer unprecedented patient access with a floor-mounted C-arm five-axis positioner. The freely moving components and five-axis positioner enable physicians to obtain angles for cardiac diagnosis and interventional procedures without re-positioning the patient. 

The Piedmont Heart Institute is an integrated cardiovascular healthcare delivery program affiliated with a community health system in Atlanta and headquartered on the campus of Piedmont Hospital, a 481-bed tertiary care facility offering medical, surgical and diagnostic services.