Toshiba shipping large-bore CT systems
Touting new "true isotropic resolution to oncology," Toshiba America Medical Systems today announced U.S. shipments of the Aquilion LB, which received FDA clearance in March. The company's large-bore, multislice CT scanner delivers "superior patient positioning with unmatched image quality and clinical performance," Toshiba said.

The Aquilion LB allows for consistent and repeatable patient positioning, according to Doug Ryan, director, CT Business Unit. It optimizes treatment planning, thereby offering the potential to improve patient outcomes during cancer treatment.

"The Aquilion LB is ideal for this application because it truly mirrors radiation therapy positioning without compromise," Ryan said.  "No longer will the radiation oncologist's therapy plan be restricted by the physical dimensions of the CT system. The Aquilion LB's new, larger gantry opening allows patients to comfortably and easily place their arms overhead -- allowing for unparalleled image acquisition during CT simulation."

Claiming the industry's largest bore opening, the Aquilion LB measures 90 cm and a 70 cm acquired field-of-view. This allows the system to scan patients of all sizes in various positions. The system's acquired field-of-view is 40 percent greater than other large-bore CT systems, Toshiba said. The larger field-of-view eliminates hidden anatomical areas for improved diagnosis and simulation.