Toshiba upgrades vascular x-ray system
Toshiba America Medical Systems showcased new digital upgrades for the Infinix VF-i/BP vascular x-ray system at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago in December.
Designed to help improve workflow and usability during diagnostic and interventional procedures, the digital upgrades include an improved user interface, processor upgrade to its new work-in-progress Dual Xeon Server PC and a mid-size, high-resolution 12-inch x 12-inch detector panel. The user interface improvement available on the Infinix VF-i/BP makes it easier for physicians to view images tableside during procedures. The layout’s clean, streamlined design includes larger icons and tabs, which are clearly displayed for easy identification and access. The interface is also specially designed to accommodate the images captured by the new mid-size detector panel. The mid-size, high-resolution panel is available as an option on the Infinix VFi/BP and provides uniform, distortion-free images. Physicians can capture images of large anatomical regions, such as the brain, with optimal coverage while still allowing for steep, compound biplane projections. Additionally, the detector housing is very low profile to provide patient access during procedures.
The Infinix VF-i/BP is a floor-mounted frontal/ceiling-mounted lateral biplane system featuring multi-axis positioners with movement capabilities. These features allow physicians to complete procedures quickly and comfortably, reducing procedure times and improving overall departmental workflow. The new digital system upgrades for the Infinix VF-i/BP will be available in spring 2009. The 12-inch x 12-inch detector will also be an available detector size on the Infinix VF-i/SP system.