Totoku certifying displays for Matrox display boards
Totoku Electric Co. Ltd. says it is in the process of validating Matrox Graphics Inc.'s TheatreVUE series display projection boards, including the Matrox TheatreVUE T20 and TheatreVUE T30, with the ME201L, ME203L, ME213L and ME315L Totoku medical displays.

Designed for theatre-style classrooms and operating rooms, the TheatreVUE medical display projection controllers have the ability to drive a primary output of up to 2-megapixel (MP) analog or 3 MP digital in portrait or landscape, grayscale or color modes, and clone any portion of the primary display onto an analogy projector at up to 2 MP.

The TheatreVUE display projection controller is a PCI board, compatible with PCI-32/33, PCI-64/66 and PCI-X, and each drives one medical display and one projector per board, said Matrox. Multiple TheatreVUE boards in a system are each capable of supporting another medical display and projector set.