TriZetto introduces payor-based PHR
The TriZetto Group has released its payor-based personal health record (PHR) to consumers and physicians through health plans.

Customers of TriZetto’s Facets enterprise administration software can access the PHR for 90 million licensed members, according to the Newport Beach, Calif., company. Health plans using TriZetto’s QNXT administration system will be able to deploy the PHR to an additional 16 million people by the summer of 2010, and benefits administrators using TriZetto’s QicLink administration system can make the PHR available to another seven million individuals sometime during the first half of 2011.

The PHR taps EHRs of procedures and diagnoses in health plans' information systems to give providers a historical summary of patients, the company said. When office staff requests confirmation of a member’s eligibility, TriZetto’s PHR downloads the information to the physician.

The PHR is accessible online to members and designed for portability, so it can follow consumers when they change health plans, TriZetto said.