U Systems offers SomoVu with somosynthesis
U Systems highlighted its third generation SomoVu system coupled with somosynthesis technology that displays acquired information from multiple planes using voxel syntheses processing. 

SomoVu advances ultrasound technology and provides a comfortable, automated method for obtaining a comprehensive ultrasound scan of the breast. Performing a bilateral breast exam in approximately 15 minutes, U Systems said SomoVu can be used as an adjunct to mammography and focus primarily on women with dense breast tissue where mammography is less effective.

For the technologist, the system is equipped with a touch screen interface, ease of operation with one button setting, automatic scan settings, rapid data sweeps with a 14.7cm transducer, automated image acquisition of 3D volumetric data, and real-time image review. For the radiologist, the breast imaging technology provides enhanced acquisition, image reconstruction, and interpretation, and permits real-time transfer of images to multiple review locations, U Systems said.