UNC adds Agfas RIS to existing reporting and PACS solutions
Agfa HealthCare announced that the UNC Health Care department at the University of North Carolina has begun the installation process for its new radiology information system (RIS). The RIS is being integrated into the existing IMPAX PACS and TalkStation reporting solutions.
"We were looking at replacement systems for our current infrastructure that would best improve the connectivity among the individual pieces, including our existing reporting system as well as our PACS," said Sandra Laws, PACS Manager at UNC Health Care. "We also needed the RIS to have the ability to communicate with our own proprietary clinical repository, WebCis. Agfa HealthCare's RIS solution and the company as a whole have previously demonstrated they have the experience to implement complex solutions. As a result we are very happy with the connectivity capabilities that Agfa HealthCare brings to this project."
UNC Health Care expects the integration of the Agfa HealthCare systems with UNC's own proprietary clinical repository will result in improved throughput, as well as better reporting and event tracking. The ability of Agfa HealthCare's system to provide online protocoling and a free-text search function were key in the selection process.