U.S. Electronics introduces new monochrome displays, calibration software
U.S. Electronics (USEI) introduced at RSNA 2006 two new medical-grade high-luminance monochrome LCD displays. 

The new high-contrast USEI/Totoku ME355i2 3 MP and ME253i2 2 MP monitors support today’ s broad range of diagnostic imaging modalities, including CT, MRI, and high-speed 3D image rendering.  Utilizing Totoku’s Luminescence Uniformity Equalizer technology, both models provide consistent light intensity across the entire display face, eliminating the uneven brightness at the periphery that often characterizes other LCD units.  An 11.9-bit lookup table (LUT) delivers grayscale DICOM conformance for a smooth, distortion-free image, the company said.
Both monitors are equipped with a new Remote Grayscale Accuracy Check capability to verify appropriate calibration locally as well as remotely over a network or the Internet.  This feature reduces the need for more time-consuming periodic re-calibration called for by other manufacturers, if the unit is still in calibration.  If readjustment is needed, both the ME355i2 and ME253i2 feature one-touch calibration, which also may be performed remotely, the company said.