VA to bolster computer security with new technology

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The Department of Veterans Affairs has had a bad summer. The repercussions of the theft of a laptop containing sensitive information of veterans and their spouses have lasted for months. Everything about the agency has been put under a microscope. The latest results of which is an effort to upgrade VA computers (starting with laptops) with an encryption technology, the Associated Press reports.        
"A system-wide encryption program will be a tremendous step forward in improving the safety and security of sensitive veteran information," said Jim Nicholson, VA Secretary, in regards to the effort, the AP reports.
A Syracuse, N.Y.-based company called SMS Inc. was awarded a $3.7 million to help upgrade the VA’s computer security with software such as GuardianEdge and Trust Digital that will be used to provide the data encryption starting this week. Adapting all of the agency’s computers to this process will take about a month, the AP reports.