Virtual Radiologic showcases workflow tools
Virtual Radiologic Corporation (VRC) demonstrated its workflow platform, vRad Enterprise Connect, and workflow engine, vRad Connect, at the recent 2008 Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Seattle.

With vRad Enterprise Connect, its enterprise-class distributed workflow platform, large radiology groups and organizations interested in developing a teleradiology program gain access to the same web-based platform currently used by more than 110 affiliated reading physicians. It is available in a basic (free) version as well as the pay-per-study option, the company said.

With the free version, anyone can log-in to VRC’s website and use the same process the company uses for teleradiology but it is manual. “There is no auto discovery, no operation center support; however, if you have a few studies you need to be read, you could use our worklist by manually entering the patient information to communicate to the radiologist working remotely,” Brad Hibbard, director of health systems, VRC, told Health Imaging News.

The company also highlighted vRad Connect, a workflow engine for small- and mid-sized radiology practices that features a unified worklist platform designed to enhance radiologist efficiency. It is available as either a basic (free) or premium service.

What the product offers us as a practice is a way to add efficiencies into the overall workflow,” he added. “One of the big processes of workflow is the IT connectivity so if our product is centric to anything it is IT and software engineering centric which really should make practices much more efficient and have a cost savings associated with it.”