Virtual Radiologic updates 2008 outlook, forms captive insurance company
Virtual Radiologic Corp. (VRC), a provider of teleradiology services, has lowered its revenue estimates for both the third quarter and full-year 2008.

In late July, the company projected revenue for the year of $108 million to $111 million. VRC said it now expects full-year 2008 revenue ranging from $102 million to $104 million, adjusted EBITDA from $17.5 million to $19.2 million, before the impact of establishing actuarial reserves in the captive insurance company they are currently establishing to self-insure its medical malpractice liability.

As a result of the company's favorable loss history, the captive insurance company is expected to reduce the cost of insurance and ensure the long-term availability of medical malpractice coverage. There will be a charge to fourth quarter results to establish the initial actuarial reserve.

The charge against earnings to establish the captive insurance company is expected to range from $2.7 million to $3 million, the company said.