Vision 3D ICDs now compatible with Medtronic CareLink Network
Medtronic has reported that all its Vision 3D implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and cardiac resynchronization therapy-defibrillators (CRT-Ds) are now compatible with the Medtronic CareLink Network.

More than 250,000 patients at 2,400 clinics in 20 countries are being followed remotely via the Medtronic CareLink Network, which allows physicians to perform a complete analysis of all the device- and patient-specific cardiac data stored within Medtronic ICDs, the Minneapolis-based company. All current models of Medtronic ICDs, CRT-Ds and pacemakers are compatible with the Medtronic CareLink Network, which has registered more than one million patient data transmissions since its inception.

The company said its Medtronic CareLink Network helps physicians and patients better manage chronic cardiovascular disease treated by implantable device therapy, which allows the transmission of patient and implanted device data using a portable monitor. Physicians and nurses can view the data on a secure website.

Medtronic said its advantages are that:
  • Medtronic CareAlert Notification can be sent via the Medtronic CareLink Network to physicians wirelessly and automatically for heart failure patients with Medtronic devices equipped with Conexus Wireless Telemetry – all Vision 3D ICDs and CRT-Ds, as well as Concerto CRT-Ds or Virtuoso ICDs.

  • The transmitted information, which is comparable to that provided during an in-clinic device follow-up visit, provides the physician with a view of how both the device and patient’s heart are operating.

  • The system provides an efficient, safe and convenient way for specialty physicians to remotely monitor the condition of their patients and, if needed, make adjustments to medication or prescribe additional therapy.