Viztek's enterprise level Opal-RAD PACS  
Viztek (Booth 9131) is introducing a turnkey digital conversion package combining its Opal-RAD PACS and an advanced, affordable Kodak CR device.   

Designed to transform a practice from film-based workflow to full digital imaging, Viztek’s new Opal-MD package combines enterprise level Opal-RAD PACS for digital image viewing and management with a Kodak Point-of-Care CR at an affordable price point for private-practice physicians.

The new Opal-MD solution delivers a range of advanced features and functionalities, including digital image viewing in multiple exam rooms, image auto-routing, CD burning and film printing.  

Also being showcased at RSNA is the latest version of Opal-RAD as a software-only solution. The standards-based PACS solution is compatible with a full range of image acquisition hardware.

Complementing this will be U-arm and dual-detector DR devices that can be purchased as solutions with any Viztek PACS to provide a complete radiology solution.