Western Canada hospital working to recover from rad’s bad track record

Remember the hospital in Western Canada that had to have thousands of medical images reinterpreted because of inconsistencies and discrepancies in one radiologist’s work? That radiologist, who was placed on leave, is a former chief of his department.

Claude Vezina, MD, started working at Timmins and District Hospital around 1995 and served there for close to 20 years, “eventually rising to the position of medical director of diagnostic imaging and cardiopulmonary services,” reports the Timmins Press.

The hospital’s president, Blaise MacNeil, tells the outlet he’s confident the institution’s quality-assurance protocols will work as intended to ensure sound patient care going forward.  

“It’s part of our accreditation requirement; there is ongoing quality review throughout each of the services we provide,” MacNeil says. “If a quality review turned up any concerns with respect to a patient, the patient would be contacted directly by the hospital.”

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