What’s the word at RSNA? – Day 2

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CHICAGO—RSNA is a chance for those in the radiology community to meet, swap stories and share information about the latest developments in imaging. In that spirit, Health Imaging will be talking to people at the meeting each day and asking them each one question. We’ll share a few responses each day, so be sure to keep an eye out for our newsletter or check the RSNA section of our website.

Today’s question: What’s the most exciting technology or practice development happening right now in imaging?

 - Vivek Kalia, MD – resident physician, Fletcher Allen Health Care, Burlington, Vt.
“As a first year resident, one of the more exciting things for me is the new advances in MRI protocols…The more advanced protocols, such as T1 row imaging, let us make better differential diagnoses. When we only had the standard sequences we weren't able to diagnose things as easily.”


 - John H. Smith – IT planning director, radiology & imaging systems, Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
“The most important thing I’ve seen so far is the ability—and actually a trend that’s starting—is integrating the images in the electronic medical record. With the [EMR] you have a chronological record of the patient’s care, but you also want to be able to see a chronological record of all the imaging tests that a patient has had. That fulfills the ability to provide total care to the patient.”


 - Brad M. Keller, PhD - postdoctoral researcher, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
“I think digital breast tomosynthesis is going to revolutionize the way screening mammography is done in this country and it’s going to make it much more efficient with catching more cancers and subjecting fewer women to unnecessary biopsies.”