Winchester non-magnetic connectors target MRIs
Winchester Electronics has developed a new family of non-magnetic combination D-Subminiature Connectors designed for medical systems, such as MRI systems, that require non-magnetic coils.

The D-Sub Connectors are also well-suited for use in any medical, communication, computer and test and measurement applications where non-magnetic components are advisable, according to the Wallingford, Conn.-based company.

The connectors are fabricated using non-magnetic material, resulting in residual magnetism rated at less than 30 gamma, which allows placement in or near the imaging area in advanced medical imaging equipment.

The non-magnetic connectors combine signal, power and RF coaxial contacts within a variety of industry standard shell sizes and connector insert configurations, which can be mixed and matched with standard component parts.

Power contacts are available in 10, 20 and 40 ampere versions. RF coaxial contacts are available in 50 and 70 ohms with a frequency rating up to 900 MHz.

Insulator and signal contact specifications are similar to those for standard components. Insulator resistance per mated contact is 5,000 M-ohms and dielectric strength is 50 kV/mm. Signal contact maximum current rating is 5 amperes and operating voltage is 250 volts. Resistance per mated contact pair is less than or equal to 2.7 milliohms/ampere.

As with all combination D-subminiature connectors, the non-magnetic versions are supplied with solder signal contacts pre-seated into the connector insert and are capable of operating up to 5 GHz, Winchester said.