X-ray marks the spot for image quality

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Alara CRystalView R200Alara (Booth #2587) is showcasing its CRystalView R200 desktop CR system. Designed as a compact system small enough for desktop or mobile use, the CRystalView R200 system combines excellent image quality with a 50-plus-plate-per-hour output for a variety of clinical settings including small office practices, clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and other demanding imaging environments.

The CRystalView R200 system offers a compact size suitable for desktops or mobile applications.

Agfa HealthCare (Booth #3339) is introducing its new DX-S-I, an integrated DR system that is applicable for all general radiology applications and particularly well suited for emergency rooms and pediatrics. The system is awaiting FDA 510(k) clearance. Agfa also is showcasing its latest digital x-ray image processing software MUSICA2 (multi-scale image contrast amplification), which offers improved image visualization and greater autonomy. The software is able to analyze images and automatically apply the appropriate image enhancement parameters independent of the exam. MUSICA2 also offers improved visibility with more perceptible details, especially in comparison to softcopy viewing. The software is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2007.

Agfa’s new CR 30-X also is being demonstrated. This compact tabletop CR system with a single-slot digitizer is suited for decentralized general radiography, military field hospitals, orthopedics, dental, chiropractic, and veterinary use. It is available with NX, Agfa’s image identification and quality control tool.

Canon CXDI-50CCanon Medical Systems (Booth #1352) is spotlighting its newest digital radiography (DR) systems — the Canon CXDI-50C Portable DR System and the Canon CXDI-40EC Premium DR System. The CXDI-50C features a 14 inch x 17 inch image area with the LANMIT 7 (Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT) detector technology and delivers high-quality diagnostic images efficiently with minimal x-ray exposure to patients, making it ideal for pediatric orthopedic use, while the CXDI-40EC is equipped with a large 17 inch x 17 inch imaging area for capturing x-ray images large and small with no need to adjust detector orientation.

Canon also is displaying a full line of DR sensors integrated to a wide range of x-ray systems — from the affordable CXDI-50G integrated to a wide range of portable solutions such as the AMX-4 DR upgrade, RadPro 40kW mobile, and the RadPro 4kW portable. The company also is showing a field deployable digital radiography system integrated with the CXDI-50G and the RadPro Overhead Tube integrated with the full-size CXDI-40EG detector.

In addition, Canon is showcasing its latest version of DR Image Viewer software, which moves routine quality assurance and image manipulation away from the CXDI DR system to help maximize the efficiency of the DR systems.

CMT SmartRadCMT Medical Technologies (Booth #4756) is showcasing its SmartRAD and R/F & Angiography SmartSPOT PrimaX systems. CMT is further enhancing its offering by providing advanced solutions and options to these systems. The SmartRAD family of digital radiography solutions, available in a variety of dual/single FPD configurations, is now offering FlexiScan, a fully integrated computed radiography (CR) that can serve as a flexible, additional “detector” for special views, and SmartStitch, an application for extended-length imaging (up to 47 inches x 17 inches) of the lower limbs or the spine for orthopedic studies.

The FlexiScan features a CR reader and dedicated software that enables full integration of the CR reader with the SmartRAD DR’s working environment. All general radiology activities including patient registration, image acquisition, postprocessing, and archiving are done on the SmartRAD’s workstation for CR images, alongside the DR images obtained by the Pixium 4600 Flat Panel Detectors.

In addition to its SmartSPOT PrimaX RF and SmartSPOT PrimaX DSA that offers an advanced high-resolution digital R/F and angiography imaging solutions for the retrofit market, CMT is exhibiting two new features: the SmartSPOT PrimaX FPD, which is a premium digital R/F and angiography imaging solution based on the Pixium 4700 Flat Panel Detector by Trixell, and LFH (Last Fluoro Hold), which provides retrospective saving of fluoroscopy images. CMT also is spotlighting the SmartSPOT PrimaX FPD, a works in progress based on the Pixium 4700 Flat Panel Detector by Trixell.

Eastman Kodak Company (Booth #3700) is debuting a new multipurpose digital