Yes, radiologists are real doctors: 5 reasons why

Oftentimes when someone remarks on whether or not radiologists are “real physicians,” that someone ends up being a physician. Never mind that diagnostic radiologists can rightly claim the mantle of being the doctors’ doctor.

In Physician’s Money Digest, a physician who isn’t a radiologist turns the tables on the snarksters.

“[W]hen my younger brother (a ‘real’ internal medicine doctor) teasingly said radiologists aren’t real doctors, I simply asked him what is the difference between a Monteggia and Galeazzi fracture?” writes Mike Larson, MD, PhD. “It seems to me a ‘real doctor’ should know about fractures and trauma since trauma (unintentional injury) kills more Americans than stroke.”

The five points referenced in his headline below add up to a quick yet effective rejoinder. Check it out: