Zecotek receives Russian patent for MAPD solid-state photo detectors
Zecotek Photonics has been granted full patent rights for its latest Micro-channel Avalanche Photodiode solid-state photo detector (MAPD) by the Agency for Intellectual Property Protection in Russia.

The company currently has pending U.S. and Patent Cooperation Treaty counterpart applications for worldwide patent rights and anticipates approvals.

Zecotek's MAPD-2 addresses specific, high-demand requirements in high-energy physics such as particle accelerators where PMTs are vulnerable to the magnetic environment created by the superconducting magnets used in the collimation of particle tracks. The MAPD-3 meets required specifications for advanced, high-resolution PET scanners and gamma camera applications, according to the company.

Zecotek's MAPD solid-state photo detectors are supplied through its wholly owned subsidiary Zecotek Imaging Systems Pte. Ltd., and manufactured under contract by the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems.